Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wet n Wild coloricon spring 2013 palettes

 Look what the mailman brought me today! I am so happy that I decided to splurge and get these. They are really hard to find and not easily available in Denmark. So I had to pay a whopping $30 combined for these on Ebay... I know... It's insane. But I had to have them.

I have reviewed the 3 original Coloricon palettes before, you can see my thoughts on Coloricon palettes here. So I will not be going into too much detail about wear time and quality in this post.

Going in the wild was the palette I wanted the most, it just looks soo great. I love purples and I love neutrals and this seems like the perfect mix. The beige browbone shade is the kind of shade I am always looking for, and the definer shades just look awesome in the palette.

Going in the wild swatched without primer.
Compared to the original palettes I find these to be a little more on the sheer side. They seem a little more creamy and less powdery. Feels like there is just a hint of silicone in them. I prefer the feel of the originals. I feel like they may take a bit of work to get the shades to pop, but I don't think it's a completely impossible job. Just a teeny bit dissapointed.

I have seen several reviewers comparing this palette to the Urban Decay Naked palette. I only have the naked 2 palette so I cant really comment on that. I have to admit that this is not my favorite collection of nude shades, I tend to want more cool toned nudes but I knew that when I bought the palette so can't really complain. I do like that you get 2 matte shades. I feel like these are more pigmented that the "going in the wild" palette. They have the same slight silicone feel to them though.  

Nude awakening

 All in all I am thrilled about finally having these palettes and slightly bummed about the pigmentation and the feel of these shadows. But definately more positive than negative about these. And I cannot wait to actually use them. I will let you know how they work for me.



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