Friday, June 7, 2013

Cherry culture haul

I wasn't going to post anything today, I have been feeling quite depressed lately and took some time off work to sort through my thoughts... But I absolutely had to share my new haul with you. This cam in the mail today and it really cheered me up a bit. I got a 20% discount and I used a 10$ giftcard so I really got a lot of stuff for cheap.

 I had to try these lip balms from LA colors and Jordana. This is lip balm season for me. And they just looked so yummy.

 A few lippies, I really wanted to try one of the new Milani lipsticks, I went for a nude shade. I also wanted to try out a few more from Jordana and LA Colors.

 A few lippies, an awesome nail polish duo from LA Colors, a jumbo eyeshadow pen, the NYX wonder pencil, NYX liquid shadow and a sharpener.

Yay I finally got the NYX Butt naked palette, I also decided to try a limited edition Milani palette and some of the new NYX palettes, and a baked eyeshadow from Jordana.

I will let you know how all these products work for me when I ave played with them for a bit.


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