Sunday, June 9, 2013

LA Girl Color balm

 These were a part of my recent cherryculture haul. I saw them on the webshop and did a bit og googling and decided that I needed to try these out. I love lipbalm and I really love tinted balm, as long as they are easy and mess free to apply.

Price: $2 on

Packaging: Very cute packaging with colorful illustrations matching the place that each shade is named after. Packaging seems sturdy enough, but the product does not twist all the way down in the tube so be careful when opening the lid, it can get a little messy. you get 3,9 grams of product.

They all have the same scent, wich I cant really put my finger on. It reminds me of something, but not sure what that is... Maybe the Essence tinted balms I tried last summer. It's not fruity or overpoweringly sweet, just bit of a sweet pleasant scent.

They feel really light and smooth on the lips, not sticky or waxy at all. They do leave a nice bit of color while moisturising your lips lightly. I don't think I would use it on super chapped lips as I feel the colour would look a bit uneven on dry flakey lips. But if your lips just need to stay hydrated during the dy, this would be a good way to do that.

Tokyo orange
London nude
LA- Party pink
 I am actually really happy about the pigmentation. They are just right for me, you can definately see the color but it's not quite as opaque as a lipstick wich makes them great for no mirror applications. And honestly, if I wanted lipstick I would wear a lipstick right? My favorite would have to be London nude, it's just really pretty and I love the pearly shine. Tokyo orange comes in at a close second, it just looks amazing on my lips and really brightens my face up. LA party pink is a bit more colorful than I am used to so I will need to get used to it a bit more.

I think these are definately worth trying, at least just pick up one and see how you like them, I know I am curious to see the other colors as well.



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