Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nivea in-shower body milk

I recently saw an add on tv for this new product by Nivea. I had been longing to try this type of product but I only knew of one similar product, from Lush that was really expensive for what it is. So I rushed to the nearest store to get my hands on this.

I believe there is 2 kinds, a normal and a richer lotion. I got the richer lotion.

Price: around £2 for 250 ml and £3 for 400ml, but I only saw the 250 ml in the store. I do believe the price varies from country to country.

So on to the good stuff... You are supposed to was your body as per usual and the smooth this all over and rinse it off. I like to let it sit a few minutes before rinsing it off.

The texture is kinda slippery when you try to apply it, and I find myself probably using a little too much product because it feels so light and slippery on.

Right after rinsing it off I did not feel a difference in my skin so I thought the product did not work. But once I stepped out of the shower and dried myself with the towel I felt the difference. Especially the skin on my stomach, chest and thighs felt really soft, and I did not need to use a moisturiser on those bits.

I feel like after a few hours, my legs and arms could use a little more moisture, but everything else stayed nice and soft.

All in all it is a really nice product and good value. And it really makes it a lot easier for me to use than regular lotion.

If you like me - tend to forget or maybe not bother with bodylotion after the shower then this would be a perfect way to add some moisture to your skin.

I am definately going to wait and see what other brands are going to attempt this and you can be sure that I will be trying those as well.


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