Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wet n wild spring palette dissapointment

If you could not get your hands on these limited edition palettes from wet n wild.. Don't worry... I don't think you are missing out on a lot anyways.

At first I was really thrilled to get these  and I was sure that I could get good use out of them even though they are a bit sheer. But after trying "going in the wild" out for a bit I am really bummed. I just cant seem to get the colors to show up and I keep ending up with a muddy look instead of a well blended look.

 The quality of the shadows are not as great as the other coloricon palettes and even though they look really cute with the white packaging and the colors seem nice in the pan, you don't need to own these.

I find these eyeshadows to be quite sheer and a bit strange to work with.
 Nude awakening: If you had to choose between one of the spring palettes, then go for nude awakening. It's not as sheer as Going in the wild. However I feel like with all the other affordable nude eyeshadow palettes out there I don't really need to own this.

I just had to have this because of all the pretty colors... Unfortunately these shadows are really sheer and do not show up very well on my skin at all.

I am really dissapointed in these shadows and I feel kinda stupid for paying more than what they were actually worth just because I had to have them... I wish I had done my research a little better. But now that I have them I will have to make the best out of it... I am not giving up with these LOL.


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  1. They're so pretty. Such a shame they don't show up! Thank you for the review!


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