Saturday, July 6, 2013

ELF haul

 I recently took advantage of a great deal ELF (europe) had. If you spent £25 you would get a surprise bad of products from the ELF Loves collection worth £25... I love suprises so I could not resist.

My purchase on the left, and my gift bag on the right.

I have not recently bought anything from ELF so there were a few new things I wanted to try. I got some of their new concealers, a jumbo eye pen and a jumbo lip gloss pen, one of their new long lasting lustrous eyeshadows, a zit eraser, one of the new quads and a pressed mineral eyeshadow.

This is all the stuff I got in my surprise bag,  I am really excited to try the new baked eyeshadow and the lotion wipes. I will be giving a few of these products away to my friends as I have already tried them before and some of them are just not my colors. But I am really pleased with my surprise bag.

Is there anything in particular you want to see a review off? Let me know and I will do it.



  1. I'm really interested in the long-lasting and mineral eyeshadows! A review would be lovely!


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