Monday, July 22, 2013

Essence lipsticks!

I love lip products, it's almost as big as my love for palettes... Last year I bought an essence lipstick whilst on holiday in Kiel. I just loved it so much I had to try more. Unfortunately Essence is not readily available in Denmark. But I found this shop online that does ship to Denmark yay! here it is So I finally got to try out some more Essence products.

 Price: €1,95 That is a serious bang for your buck!

Packaging: It's made of clear and coloured plastic. I actually really like the look of the packaging and I like how the colours correspond with the lipstick shade. You can even see the actual lipstick through the clear bit in the middle. I don't know if Essence has improved the quality of their lipsticks or maybe it's just an inconsistency but I find 2 of them to be a bit more flimsy. These 2 can twist up while in your purse, the cap wont come off but the lipstick will twist up into the cap. The rest of the lipsticks though do not seem to have this issue.

01 Frosted, 52 In the nude, 63 Flattering nude, 65 Glow neon glow, 61 I'm a lobstar!
Scent: They all have kinda the same sweet scent to them, they remind me of the pink Labello lip balms I used to want to eat when I was a child. Except from the seethrough neon lipstick, it smells a bit more like the Maybelline pop slicks, without the sweetness though. I actually enjoy the scent of these, it's one of the reasons that I like them so much.

I'm a Lobstar!, Glow neon glow, Flattering nude, In the nude, Frosted
Frosted: Pale sheer pink with a pink,purple and blue shift to it. The sheerness makes it very wearable.

In the nude: A creamy browny beige that is not too light and definately not a chalky milky color. Great for those who look ghostly with too pale nude lips.

Flattering nude: a creamy brown that would be a great nude for darker skin tones, I think this would be really great for fall. It's little too dark brown for me to be a "nude"

Glow neon Glow: Gives your lips a lovely cool toned pink glossy tint. Very much my summer lippie!

I'm lobstar!: A bright orange with bits of orange glitter in it. Very summery and bright. You can however feel the glitter on the lips.

Pros: the formula is very flattering on my lips, they are very smooth, creamy and hydrating. They go on sheer but are totally buildable. The formula suits my lips really well and makes even the orange colour super wearable. They are super cheap and come in a wide variety of shades. 

Cons: They definately are not very long lasting, you have to reapply often. I'm a Lobstar! contains glitter, so if you hate glitter steer clear of it. Some of them have a bit flimsy packaging. 

I have to admit that I am obsessed with these. Even though they aren't very long wearing I just can't get enough of the scent and the smoothness of these. They are not my holy grail lipsticks but I really really enjoy wearing them. I definately see myself continuing to buy these. And I already have a backup of "in the nude" as it is my favorite nude shade at the moment.




  1. Glow Neon Glow looks like a really interesting product!

    1. It really is a cool product to have... It wins points for me just for being transparent lol.


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