Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Palette of the week!

 It's the return of the palettes... and the return of me... I haven't stopped loving palettes so I thought it seemed appropriate to start with a POTW post.
I'm starting this series up with my Too Faced loves Sephora palette.

Price: I think it was about 375 DKK wich is around $60 but I don't quite remember.

Packaging: I am absolutely loving the packaging. I love the look of the stripes, the pink and everything. The metal case reminds me of the UD Naked 2 palette. It's got a magnetic closing, but I wish the magnets were a little stronger. It does not feel as sturdy as the Naked 2 palette does.
It also comes with a small blush brush and a mini primer potion.

On the go: This is such an easy palette to use when you are in a rush. The shades apply and blend without effort and there are some nice all over lid shades in here, so you can certainly get away with a one eyeshadow look. And the blush and bronzer is in there as well so you don't have to reach for those products.

Evening out: There are some great party colors in here. The purple with gold glitter is awesome as a liner and you can get multiple party looks from this one palette.

Variation: quite pleased with the versatility of this palette,when you think about the fact that you "only" get 10 eyeshadows. You can go natural, you can go purple, plum, golden, bronzey, pastel, metallic, matte. Amazing! 

Staying power: Amazing! I use Too Faced Shadow insurance under the shadows and they lasts all day with no creasing and only a slight fading. the blush and bronzer however seems to wear off just as much as my other blushes and bronzers.

Work appropriate: Absolutely, there is a nice selection of neutrals and soft shades.

I absolutely love this palette and would compare it to the Naked 2 paltte in terms of quality. I love the fact that the shades work so well together and I feel that just opening this palette inspires me to try new combinations. All the shadows are great quality, I do like some colors more than others but they all look and peform very well.



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