Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ELF haul update!

I just recieved the items that I bought from ELF last week. I have to say I am super pleased about how fast they arrived. And I am super excited to try out some of the new products.

However I have been a bit misfortunate this time and there has been a slight mix up. I have recieved the wrong Shades of Loose eyeshadows. I ordered Boysenberry and Chocolate and I got Lilac and Honey instead?

Also 2 of the studio ipsticks seem to be malfunctioning a bit. The Pink minx is a bit messed up

And rosy go round seems to have a bit of a "cap-malfunction"

I have contacted ELF customer service and they are normally really great when this sort of thing happens. So I am not worried about it at all.

So let's see what happens.


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