Thursday, February 13, 2014

ELF Haul!

Hey Guys. ELF is having a 50% off + free shipping right now. So I took advantage of the offer and placed an order for these items. Cant wait to recieve them and try them out for you Guys.

Let me know what you want reviews of first.

ELF mineral foundation

ELF lip stain, Crimson crush

ELF lip balm tint, peach

ELF concealer and highlighter, fair

ELF studio lipstick, pink minx

ELF studio lipstick, Rosie go round

ELF studio lipstick, wink pink

ELF HD mattifying creme foudation, porcelain

ELF powder brush

ELF Loose eyeshadow, boysenberry

ELF Loose eyeshadow, chocolate



  1. nice picks pink minx first...xoxoxo..:)

  2. great haul! I'm actually interested in all of these products haha! I'm excited to hear your reviews!! :)

    1. thanks Louise. The mineral Foundation, powder brush and concealer and highlighter are actually repurchases so I already know I am going to love those. I thinks it's the 3rd or 4th mineral Foundation from elf.

  3. Did you ever get around reviewing that HD foundation? How did you find that one?

    1. I don't believe I did no... I'm pulling it out of my stash right now. Would you like me to do a review? it's been a while since I have used it so it's not fresh on my memory.

    2. A review would be most welcome :). I'm quite interested in how it behaved on your skin and the swatches, haven't seen many reviews of those foundations. How was the longevity? Was the tone light enough?

    3. I will apply it today and tomorrow and There will be a review up tomorrow :) I can't remember how long ot lasted on me, Keep in mind I have a very oily T zone with a few dry patches on my nose and chin. I remember it matching me quite well, but I will have to use it Again to be sure. I'll remember to include some swatches :)


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