Friday, February 21, 2014

ELF Studio moisturizing lipsticks review


So here is my first review of some of the Things I got in my last elf haul. I thought I would start of with the studio moisturizing lipstick.

I got 3 Shades. Rosy go round, Pink minx and wink pink

Price: £3,95 elf uk/eu or $3 on elf us

Packaging: I have a love/ hate relationship with the packaging. It looks nice and sleek. It's metal, not plastic and you can see the color of the product in the middle of the tube so you don't have to open it first. I ike the look of it but not too crazy about the lipstick cap it feels a bit Sharp around the edges when you take the cap off and one of the lipsticks had a "lid malfunction" when I first opened it. But I fixed it. But overall it looks really good and and the lid does fit tightly around the tube wich I like. I just don't like the metal feel too much.

Claims: Velvety satin texture, glides on lips, vibrant color, luminous shine, rich creamy formula, seals in moisture, long lasting Wear and comfort.

They are definately not lying when they call them moisturizing lipsticks, they feel really nice on the lips. Very creamy and almost balm like. The texture reminds me of their mineral lipsticks. They have a creamy look to them. Not overly shiny but not matte either. The vibrant color claim depends on what Shades you get, I did not really get any super vibrant shades.

I would not call these long wearing, I think I get about 4 hours Wear out of them before I need to reapply but they do keep my lips hydrated nicely. The color seems to fade very evenly with the shades that I have tried. As with many lipsticks the dark shade seems to Wear longer than the lightest shade. I feel that the moisture lasts longer than the color itself, wich is nice. So no rough dry lips to reapply the lipstick to.

Rosy go round, Pink minx, Wink pink
 The Pictures on the elf website can be a little misleading. As they do not show the true colors of the lipsticks, but it gives you a good idea of what it will be like. So here is how I would describe the colors.

Please keep in mind that I am very pale (about NC15) So these shades will show up darker on me. If you are medium or dark these will show up much lighter.

Rosy go round: dark rosy shade, slightly cool toned, no shimmer or sparkle. It looks a bit darker and pinkier in real life than my Picture above. On my lipst it shows up true to color, maybe just a hint lighter and more cool toned than in the tube. It's does not glide on as smoothly as  wink pink, but it does feel nice and balmy.

Pink Minx: A nude pink, no shimmer or sparkle. It looks a bit peachy in the tube but goes on a bit more baby pink. It's a bit darker and pinkier on my lips than it looks in the tube. So on my lips it's not a true nude pink. It looks a bit more peachy and bright in my Picture above than it does in real life. Very creamy and nice on the lips

Wink pink: A pinky Brownish mauve nude, light to medium color. Not as pink as my other 2 shades. It appears to have some shimmer in it, but the simmer does not show up on the lips. It looks darker and more rosey on my lips than I expected. I thought it would be more mauve. But it's very wearable and not darker or lighter than my natural lip color. This goes on very creamy and nice. It looks more mauve in real life than it does in the Picture above.

Rosy go round, wink pink, pink minx
All in all I love the texture of these ipsticks, they are very moisturizing and they feel good on the lips. My favorite has to be Wink pink. I definaely think they are good quality and not just for the Price. They are not my holy grail lipsticks but they are really nice. I might like them a bit better if they went on a bit more true to color. I still havent found that perfect shade from this line of lipsticks but I am thinking about trying some more out.

Would I recommend these? Yes, if you like smooth creamy lipstick that feels almost like a balm and you find that shade you really like then go for it. The formula of these are really really nice.




  1. Pink minx is such a lovely shade.....xoxoxo....:)

    1. It really is... I think this pink will look good on a lot of people. I do have to Work on it a bit becuase of my coloring.

  2. I really love the look of these shades! I wanted to pick some up, but I was waiting to hear some good reviews first! :)

    1. By the way these have a light Vanilla scent to them. So keep that in mind if you don't like that. But the formulation is really nice.


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