Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Essence collection

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I rediscovered Essence 2 years ago on a weekend trip to Kiel. Essence is not available in Denmark but I rember it being available when I was a teenager. As a teenager I used the lipsticks and glosses but it was not until 2 years ago when I got a new lipstick that I remembered that I had tried it before.

I quickly fell in love with the packaging and the Price.

I have not yet tried a bad product from Essence but I am sure there are some bad products in  the line (every brand has them) some products are nicer than others but overall I enjoy the quality of Essence.

I especially love their lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail polishes and pore strips. 

Essence has a permanent line but what I love about them is their trend editions. They come out with special edition products almost every month and because they are so affordable it's not a problem to get the products you want to try.

I am definately getting more Essence products and I think I will continue to love Essence for a long time.



  1. Nice are a big fan of essence dear....xoxoxo.....:D

    1. Thanks Maria... yeah I love it, t's so fun and girly :)

  2. I still haven't tried any Essence products! I will have to go into Ulta and pick up a few goodies! :) Any recommendations?

    1. Their nail polishes are really pretty. I love their lip products and their pore strips. Also the eyeshadows are great. It's really affordable too. I enjoy all the Little limited edition items as well.


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