Sunday, February 23, 2014

My perfect palette tag.

I have seen this tag going around on youtube and I thought it would be fun to do it myself. But I am going to do a blog post instead of a video.

1. Best packaging: Too faced loves Sephora.

This palette wins this category for 2 reasons. 1 because it's the prettiest palette that I have and 2. because of the quality of the packaging. It's a metal case, much like the Naked 2 and Naked3. I really enjoy this type og metal case pakaging. Feels really sturdy and good quality.

2. Best color payoff: Urban Decay, Naked2

I have other great palettes with pigmented and colorfull Shades. But I feel that my Urban decay palettes have the best color payoff. And not a single shadow in the Naked2 palette is a miss when it comes to pigmentation.

3. Most versatile: Sephora Color daze Blockbuster

This palette comes with 64 eyeshadows, 12 cream liners/bases 6 shadow liners 3 shadow toppers, 54 lip colors, 6 cream blushes/highlights and 3 powder blushes. You get so many different textures and colors and there is a tonne of looks to get with this palette. That is why it's my most versatile palette.

4. Best palette for travel: Smashbox Photo op, Mega palette

This is the one palette I always take with me when traveling. Not only because it doesn't take up much Space in the suitcase, but also because I feel like tha palette is durable enough to survive the trip. And besides eyeshadow you get brow powder, eyeliners, 2 blushes, highlighting powder and lip gloss. So I only need a Foundation, powder and a mascara and I'm good.

5. Biggest regret: NYX butt naked palette

I had been wanting this palette for sooo long and reading so many rave reviews of it. But when I finally decided to get it I was a Little bummed. I like the face part but the eyeshadows are a big miss for me. They all look too similar in color and they show up muddy on my eyes. I feel like even though you get 15 eyeshadows they all end up looking the same on my lid. So even though this was not overly expensive, I do regret getting it.

6. Best color names: Front Cover, metallic pastels.

I could have chosen soo many palettes for this one. I like Urban decay shadows names and Too faced shadow names. But I love this palette and the names always make me think of summer. This palette has names like Bonnie Cream, Almond toast, Cancun sands, Sweet coral, Fuzzy Brown, Slush, Blizzard, green queen, ostrich feather, graphite, mystic Heather, squashed grape, flamingo, lemon drop kid and Arizona tan. They are not particularly funny ar crazy names. But there is just something about them that I like.

7. Least used palette: Yves Rocher  palette

I have only had this palette for a few months, but I can honestly say that I have never used it. It's not that I don't like the colors or anything. But I have soo many other Things I want to use. So much eyeshadows, so Little time. I only have 2 eyelids you know. Everytime I am about to use it I look at the shadows and then I grab another palette. Somehow this just does not inspire me.

8. Most used/most loved: Smashbox Photo op mega palette
The palette from category 4. I wish I could say another palette just so I would not repeat myself. But this is definately my all time favorite palette. I have gotten soo much use out of it and I will continue to use this until it's just all gone.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I had a lot of fun doing this. And i tag all my readers to do the same. If you don't have a blog, you are welcome to make a list in the comments below. I would love to hear what palettes you have and like.


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  1. I love this tag! Palettes are one of my favorite things to buy and I like hearing about how people feel about different palettes! Great post! :)


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