Friday, February 7, 2014

Palette of the week

Hey Guys. It's time for palette of the week. And this week I tried to rekindle an old love for my ELF Master Collection palette.

Price: DKK 314 or GBP 35 I got it 50% off. I would honestly never pay the full Price for this.

Packaging:  I am still in love with the packaging, I like how the different layers slide open to reveal the layer beneath. This Means that you can actually protect your lip colors while using the powder products to avoid getting them all messy. The big mirror in the lid is very helpful.

On the go: This is not the kind of palette you put in your purse. But I do feel it could be travel friendly if you put it in your suitcase.
Evening out: Go for another palette. Honestly these colors are nicely pigmented and pretty. But they seem a bit flat and none of them really pops.
Variation: Considering the number of eyeshadows in the palette there is definatle multiple options. But these Shades pretty much all have the same type of finish to them and they all have a flat somewhat smokey/dusty look to them.

Staying power: I would say staying power is average on these. I always Wear a primer and my shadows always stay on all day. These do Loose a little bit of vibrancy though.

Work appropriate: I would say this palette Works best for everyday looks. So It's definately office friendly.

All in all, I have to admit that I loved this palette more when I first got it. The quality of the shadows is nice and the pigmentation is good, but the Shades seem flat and somewhat dull. The configuration of the shadows just dont really inspire me. I do still enjoy playing with the palette but I would not pay full Price for this ever! I think it's way overpriced.



  1. I agree, I would only buy this if it was discounted! But still, this seems like a fun palette to play around with! :)

    1. It sure is a fun palette to play around with :) ELF US has come up with a new one of them in White packaging. It looks really cool. I hope it comes to the EU some day.


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