Saturday, February 15, 2014

Palette of the week

Hey Guys. It's time for palette of the week. And this week I used my Hot makeup shadowbox

Price: DKK 129 or about $22,50

Packaging:  24 baked eyeshadows in a sleek black palette with a clear plastic window so you can see all the pretty shadows without opening it. It comes with a black liquid liner and 2 sponge applicators. The lid of my palette has broken a bit, so It's definately not as sturdy as I would like.

On the go:  I would not travel with this palette as baked shadows can be a bit fragile and the palette itself is a bit flimsy. But if you are at home and in a hurry you definately can create some quick amazing looks.

Evening out: It's perfect for evening makeup. You have all the dark Shades you could want and the finish of the shadows is quite gorgeous.

Variation: This palette is so versatile. The shadows can ever be mixed to create new Shades. Ther are some bright colours in there, but if you just add a bit of the White shadow, you then have pastels. There are some neutrals in there as well. And the White with the golden sheen is an amazing highlight, also for the face. And the pinks and oranges Works great as blush as well.

Staying power: I find that they last pretty good without a primer, but Wear amazingly long with a primer. Most baked products tend to be a bit dry and not so creamy so they need something to adhere to, to make them stay on the lids longer. However when it comes to pigmentation these babies don't need any help at all.

Work appropriate: If you just go for the neutrals in the palette then you can get some really amazing office friendly looks.

I really enjoyed using this palette this week. My favorite shadow has to be the antique gold shade. It seems to be a bit Black based wich makes it the perfect smokey shadow. I did a one shadow look with it and it was awesome, smokey and not way too dark.



  1. Omg.....I am simply in love with every single shade.....xoxoxo...:D

  2. Aww wow, the colours look so beautiful and vibrant! So colourful! Looks great :D xoxo

    Lily at Cosmetically Creative


    1. :) I should do a giveaway Again with the HOT palettes.


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