Friday, February 21, 2014

Palette of the week

Old Photo: I am about to hit pan on some of the lighter Shades.

Hey Guys. It's Friday, and that Means that it is time for another palette of the week post. This week I am rekindling an old flame... LA Colors, Eye Design palette in Invent. I have featured this in a palette of the week post before.

Price: about $5 on

Packaging:  I have had this eyeshadow for a while now, more than 2 years, So I can honestly say, that even though the packaging is kinda cheap and plasticky, it has helf up pretty good. Everything is still working. The only Wear you see is the lettering on the front has worn off a bit.

On the go:  I would feel comfortable traveling with this palette. However this is not a product I would throw in my purse and use on the go as it has no mirror. And honestly, I never touch up eyeshadow

Evening out: Even though it's pretty packed with pinks and purples I consider this to be more of an everyday palette as the colours are all very wearable and none of them are super bright or crazy. But it could definately Work as an evening look paired with a darker shadow.

Variation: Looking at it you may not think that you could get many looks out of it. But you really can. It has rosey Shades, purple Shades, pink Shades, peachy Shades, mauve Shades and even some nice beige Shades and some rosey Browns.

Staying power: I always use a primer, And I found these to last just as long as any high end shadow I own. Very pleased with staying power.

Work appropriate: It can certainly be office friendly. As all the Shades are super wearable..

I definately still understand why I raved about this palette a long time ago. And I am a bit bummed that I now have to find a new palette for the upcoming week, as I want to just continue using this.


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