Friday, February 28, 2014

Palette of the week

 Hey Guys. TGIF!, it is time for another palette of the week post. This week I am continuing my love for the LA Colors, Eye Design palettes. This time it is the palette called "Design".

Price: about $5 on but I think they have them on sale for $3 most of the time.

Packaging:  It's a cheap looking plastic palette. But I still think it looks kinda nice. I have to give it a big thumbs up for not breaking on me. I have had this palette for a long time and used it quite a lot, and the lettering has not worn off.

On the go: just like the similar palette last week, I would feel comfortable traveling with this palette. However this is not a product I would throw in my purse and use on the go as it has no mirror. And honestly, I never touch up eyeshadow

Evening out: It can definately give you some great night time looks. The shadows are very pigmented and there are some great colors in there.

Variation: This is soo versatile. you get 6 color coordinated Squares of 5 shadows. You get neutrals and you get bright colors. They range from satin finish to metallic. No matte, except for the super dark Black shadow.

Staying power: I always use a primer, And I found these to last just as long as any high end shadow I own. Very pleased with staying power.

Work appropriate: You get 10 neutral colors in this palette so there is defiantely something to Wear that would be considered office friendly. 
These LA color palettes still continue to amaze me. And like last week, I almost don't want to put it back in my traincase to try out some of my other palettes. I just love these shadows so much.



  1. This is one amazing palette I have seen till date.. are they available now ? I want to get one too
    Lovely swatches :)

    1. Hey there. It really is amazing. I just looked at cherry culture and they only had the pink/purple one left. But Beauty joint has both ones plus 2 new ones here is the direct link. just copy paste it in to your browser. It's only $3,99

  2. The shades are very pigmented...Amazing it.....xoxoxo....:)

    1. it really is amazing and it's sooo affordable


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