Thursday, March 13, 2014

Essence quad - 15 most wanted, review

This quad is from my latest Essence haul. I already have another essence quad that I abolutely love in the shade 05 to die for. So I decided to try one of the new quads. I bought the quad 15 most wanted.

Price: EU 2,95

Packaging: I actually really like the clear plastick packaging of these quads, it's sturdy, easy to open and easy to clean. you get 5 grams of shadow and I think the Little circles look really cute. It's a nice Little quad to throw in the purse.

I love the Shades in this quad, rosey golden pretty Shades BUT i am not a fan of the 3 first shadows. They look really pretty on the eyes but there is some strange gritty shimmer (not really glitter) that wont show up on your lids but you can be sure it WILL show up under your eyes no matter how careful you are. The dark shade however is really creamy and pigmented.

I was really dissapointed in this quad. I love the colors but I can't get past the shimmery fallout. I have tried putting my Foundation on after the eye makeup but the shimmer is so hard to cover or remove. So I will not be getting a lot of use out of this. But I do love the dark shade so I will try and pair that with some less shimmery single shadows in my Collection.

I really wanted to love this quad and I wish the 3 first Shades could be the same texture as the dark shade. If they were, this could probably a favorite of mine. But they are not. So... yeah. It was only about 3 euros so it's not a big loss, but I really wanted a quad with these Shades.

Have you guys tried this quad? so you hate gritty shimmer as much as me?



  1. I know how it feels when shades the way nice colors....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Thanks, yeah it can be really annoying with fallout.

  2. Oh it is such as shame these shades aren't as great as the ones in the to die for quad, i have that one too and i love it! I was eyeing this one, in most wanted, and thought the shades were really pretty but after reading your review i'm not sure if i still want it!

    1. they are definately different from the to die for quad. The Shades still look pretty but they are too sparkly for me and the sparkles are kinda gritty and will fly everywear. So I always end up having glitter all over my face. I would try and find similar Shades in another palette instead of getting this one. The dark shade is creamy an pigmented though.


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