Sunday, March 30, 2014

L'Oreal Color riche Extraordinaire lip color review

This was another of the products I hauled not so long ago from the US drugstores.

Shade: Purple prelude

Price: around $9 but L'Oreal almost always have a buy 1 get 1 50% off.

Packaging: I know a lot of people think this packaging is really nice and expensive looking. But I disagree. Visually I don't think it's anything special and the feel of it is way too plasticky. The color you see in the middle of the packaging is not the actual product, but colored plastic similar to the the color of the product, but not a complete match. I do have to give the slanted applicator a big thumbs up. It's designed to pick up enough product to do your entire mouth without having to dip it back in the tube.

I picked this up thinking it would be a super pigmented liquid lipstick. When I hear "liquid lipstick" I think of opaque color. But this is more like a balm/gloss/lipstick. It's very Unique to me. It feels like a liquid balm, it looks like a gloss but it has nice pigmentation as well. Now this particular color is not opaque, but it gives a nice even color to the lips, wich actually makes it more wearable for me.

I only got this one color so far, but I think some of the colors are more opaque than others, from what I could see online.

It has a fruity yet perfumey scent, I have smelled it before but I don't know where. To me it's allright, it does not bother me. But it might bother some.

I absolutelyy love how this feels on the lips. Moisturizing, smooth goodness. I think this texture has become an absolute favorite of mine, and that alone makes me want to get more colors.

The staying power is actually quite decent for a non sticky balmy type lip product. I do think that some of the super pigmented colors would benefit from an anti feathering lipliner. As these  tend to bleed a bit. This shade is very forgiving when it comes to that, but a deeper darker shade, you would want to keep in place.

I think the texture alone makes this a hit in my book. I am definately getting more colors!

Have you tried these?


  1. it's such a pretty it...very pigmented...xoxoxo...^_^

  2. gorgeous shade! I tried the new maybelline one and I really enjoyed it! I've been eyeing the L'oreal ones, but I wasn't sure which shade to get!

    1. I have not yet tried the new ones from Maybelline but I hear they are similar. So definately want to try them.


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