Sunday, March 23, 2014

Maybelline instant age rewind dark circle eraser, concealer review

I bought this in my US haul i did not long ago, and I have been using it everyday ever since. So I am finally ready with my review of this concealer in the shade "brightener"

Price: $ 7,94 at walmart.

Packaging: Click up type concealer wand with a domed sponge tip. The sponge is nice and soft, but I am not sure how hygenic it is in the long run. As of right now I have not had any issues with the click up tube, but I will let you know if something happens. You get 6 ml of product. I do think that the clear cap, covering the sponge can get a Little messy in the long run.

I absolutely love this concealer! I have been having some issues with my concealers looking too cakey under my eyes and not covering dark circles well enough. My fine lines seem to have been more obvious lately as well. So I have had a hard time finding a concealer that would brighten without being too heavy or cakey.

This concealer does it for me! It goes on super smooth and blends in completely with my own skin tone. Yet it manages to completely erase my dark circles without looking like I put a tonne of concealer on. It just looks so natural, and I found it really great at depuffing my eye bags as well.

Every single concealer I have ever used has creased on me. This one will crease on me right after application, I just finish my makeup and pat my undereyes with a finger to remove the excess product that has creased and I swear it does not crease on me again for the rest of the day. So I tink the creasing is just because I've put too much on to begin with.

I chose the brightener shade because I am very pale with pink udertones and I was afraid the other shades would be too dark. This is a 100% a match for me. I don't know if it works this well on everybody or if I am just lucky to have found the perfect shade for me.

I have a hard time describing the coverage because it blends out to look like nothing at all but at the same time, the pigments in it manages to completely take away any discoloration. It just makes my dark circles vanish without looking like heavy coverage concealer has been Applied.

This is definately my new holy grail concealer. It does exactly what I want it to do. It doesn't look obvious on me and it lasts all day under my eyes. I should have bought a backup of this. And as soon as this is gone I will have to get a new one.

Have you Guys tried this concealer? what did you think of it?



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