Friday, March 28, 2014

Palette of the week part 1. wet n wild, walking the red carpet.

Price: I paid $13 for the set of 2 palettes on

Packaging: Very similar to the permanent line of wet n wild 8 color palettes. But these are white with decorations on them. Really pretty. You get 8,5 grams of shadow, making each shadow a little over 1 gram.

On the go: I have thrown this in my purse for a weekend travel. It held up well. And I would do it Again. When it comes to busy mornings, this is a great palette. It's very easy to use, blends nicely and has a lot of shadows that would be great for a one shadow look.

Evening out: I would say this is more of an everyday palette. The darkest shades  are not really that dark, so you would at least need another shadow to complete a night time look. But the copper and gold shades are very festive indeed.

Variation: Quite good, considering it's "only" 8 eyeshadows. One side is more on the cooler side and the other is more warm toned. You have your light shades, your medium and your deeper shades. There is a nice array of finishes, matte, satins, metallics and shimmery.So definately a thumbs up for variety.

Staying power:  I did find that these shadows faded a bit during the day, even with a primer. But I discovered that with a good cream eyeshadow, like elf studio cream shadow or Maybelline color tattoo these would stay nice and vibrant all day. So with a little help they turned out great.

Work appropriate: Very! I mean, it's a neutral palette.

This is definately a hit in my book. I love the different shades. And I feel like a lot of thought has gone in to this palette. I could maybe have used a deeper shadow but all in all I am pleased with the color selection. I am very happy about the pale pink browbone shade, its amazing. The golden eyelid shade is very sparkly and loosely pressed, so it does fly everywhere, so that one is a bit hard to use.

I recommend this palette. These are limited edition but they are still available at

click here for swatches of both palettes


  1. Lovely palette.....all shades are pretty....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. It really is a well thought of neutral palette .)


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