Friday, March 28, 2014

Palette of the week part 2. wet n wild, flirting at the afterparty

Price: I paid $13 for the set of 2 palettes on

Packaging: Very similar to the permanent line of wet n wild 8 color palettes. But these are white with decorations on them. Really pretty. You get 8,5 grams of shadow, making each shadow a little over 1 gram.

On the go: I did throw the "walking the red carpet" palette in my purse last weekend, and it held up well, so I think this one would as well. When it comes to busy mornings, this is a palette I would skip. It takes a bit of time getting the shadows to do exactly what I want them to. And blending too much can make these shadows a little muddy. So I definately used more time on my eye look with these.

Evening out: Yes and no. As with the "walking the red carpet" palette this palette lacks a truly Deep dark shade. But these bright purples can definately create a nice party look.
Variation: Not that much variation with this palette. I mean it's 8 different shades of purple. And some of them look a bit similar on the skin. When it comes to finishes, these are mostly matte. There are a few shimmery shades but otherwise pretty matte.

Staying power: As with the other palette these will stay nice and vibrant with a good cream eyeshadow underneath. I used my Maybelline color tattoo and it made them last all day without loosing their intensity. It also helped the shadow go on more vibrant and defined. But without that, thesee will not show their true potential and they will fade fast.

Work appropriate: I guess it depends on where you work. hehe. For me personally I would not use this palette if I had to go to the office. 
I love purples, but for some reason I feel that brands always come out with shimmery purples, So I am pretty happy that most of these are matte. My problem with these, are that they blend a Little too well and I had a hard time getting the a defines eye look with these. But the Maybelline color tattoo helped a lot with that issue. I wish the dark shades were darker. And I could have used a bit more variety, maybe something that was not purple but complemented the purplle colors really well.
All in all, this is a nice palette for purple lovers, they do take bit of Work but the colors are pretty. I am glad that I purchased it. But I can't tell you to run out and get it, it really depends on how much you like purple and how much you like wet n wild. Because there are definately other purple palettes out there equally as good.
If you do decide to get it, it's still available at

click here for swatches of both palettes


  1. This sounds great for the price! Still can't find these anywhere though :( Also, I wish there was a little color would make the palette a little more versatile

    1. I totally agree. Why don't you get them from the site I suggested?


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