Friday, March 7, 2014

Palette of the week

It's that time of the week Again... Time for a new palette of the week. This week I have been using my Milani Runway eyes palette in "naturally chic"

Price: about $8 on

Packaging:  It was the packaging that drew me in at first. I liked how it looked. The packaging seems sturdy, however one of the shadows broke in transit. 

On the go: I would not throw this one in my purse, the shadows seem way too fragile for that. Also this would not be a palette that I would grab for on busy mornings. It just takes too long to try and get one color on the brush without touching the other colors.

Evening out: There really are no deep dark Shades in this palette, so it would be a very subtle evening look.

Variation: Not a Whole lot of variation here. you get one light shade and the rest are pretty much medium Shades. The colors are too similar. I feel that no matter what I try to do, I always end up with the same look.

Staying power: Staying power is decent. I always Wear a primer, and these stay on well.

Work appropriate: Definately... The colors are very subtle and neutral.

I did not really enjoy using this palette. The colors are really pretty, but they do not show up as pretty on my lids, plus it takes forever to apply.  tried using them wet, but that just made it look patchy. I would probably like this palette more if it was just 6 regular Squares instead of 6 slim lines. So for me it as not worth it even though the shadows themselves are not bad.



  1. yeah, I think I would pass on this one! The lack of color variation and quality is just a deal breaker! Thanks for the honest review!

    1. You're welcome Louise. Yeah the colors are nice and all. But it's just too much Work. Plus I think that most girls with a love for neutrals already have these colors in other palettes or in single shadows. I am definately still going to use it, since I payed 8 bucks for it. But it's not a must have at all.


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