Friday, March 14, 2014

Palette of the week

You gessed it... Time for another palette of the week. This palette is from Yves Rocher, it's limited edition but I can still find it on their Danish website. I picked it up on whim, because I wanted to try some of their makeup.

Price: It's on sale for 159 DKK (about $30) But I am quite sure I paid more than that.

Packaging:  Cardboard and plastic. It's kinda bulky considering the size of the products inside. I actually thought it would be bigger, because I thought the products inside would be bigger. It consists of 2 layers. 1. layer has 15 small eyeshadows in it and the bottom layer is a drawer with 2 blushes, 7 lipsticks/glosses and some mini applicators. No mirror. No mirror? what? I normally don't really care but the inside of the top lid just screams for a mirror.

On the go: This is not a palette I would throw in my purse, it would take up way too much space. But it's nice on busy mornings when I just want to put a quick look together and be out the door. It has the shadows the blush and the lippies all in one. And the shadows are easy to apply and blend.

Evening out: This palette is designed to have both a day and a night look. And I would say it could be used for a night time look. There is a dark greyish black, a dark smokey Brown and also a few pops of color. But I would definately put on an eyeshadow base and a primer with these. There is even a red lip color in there. But I would go with another lipstick that you could pop in the purse.
Variation: Not as much variation as I would like. There are a lot of similar looking Browns and neutrals. Although they don't look as similar in the palette, they will show up quite similar on the eyes. But you can get a nice lilac look, a peachy Brown look, a bronzey look and a blue look with these. The few pops of color in this palette is a nice addition to the neutrals.

Staying power:  It really depends on what you pair them with. I found that my regular primer did not cut it. So I used my Essence stays all day shadow pen and that did the trick. So sticky base is a must.

Work appropriate: Certainly. All the shadows are very muted Down except for the turqoise shade.

 I am feeling "extra medium" about this palette. I like the subtle blushes and the lipcolors are actually really nice. I love the 2 lilac Shades and the turqoise paired with a broze shade. But something about this palette does not really inspire me. And not all the shadows appear on the eyes with the same color they have in pan. It's an ok palette. But I did not enjoy it as much as I thought I would.



  1. Lovely palette.....all shades look pretty and packaging is nice too....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. thanks. It's ok but I thought I would like it more.


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