Friday, March 21, 2014

Palette of the week/review

Hey gals, It's that time of the week again. This week I have been using my Sleek Gaden of Eden palette. That I got in my Boots haul a Little while back.

Price: $11,99 on Sleek's website

Packaging: It's not called Sleek for nothing. The palette is very sleek. You get a nice big mirror, 12 eyeshadows and some applicators that I have already lost. It also seems nice and sturdy and the closure is nice and tight. However this is the type of packaging you will get your dirty Little fingerprints all over. So don't commit a crime and leave this palette behind lol.

On the go: I would have no problem throwing this in my purse, and I think this could be a nice travel palette but I would probably need one or two single shadows to go along with it. As for quick makeup looks, I definately think there are some nice all over the lid Shades you could throw on in a hurry. Also I find these shadow to blend nicer than some of the other sleek palettes I have tried. But beware of the dark matte green, it can be a little hard to blend, but just a little.

Evening out: You can definately get a nice evening look going with these. There is some nice metallic Shades and the Deep matte colors are great for darkening up your look and could also Work as liner.

Variation: There are several ways you could combine these shadows. I am a Little scared of going all green on the eyes so I sometimes did a lilac look and added the green to my lower lid as a pop of color. You can get several green looks out of this. The lilac Shades are a bit muted almost on the neutral side so you can go both neutral or lilac depending on the Shades you combine. These shadows are mostly metallic but there are 2 dark matte Shades and 2 medium Shades that have a matte base with some glitter in them. I don't feel the glitter really shows up though. Wich I like because I am not that fond of glitter.

top row, no primer

bottom row, no primer

Staying power:  I always wear a primer or a base. These stay on nicely and I have not noticed any fading of the shades.

Work appropriate: Maybe not for everyone. But for me the lilac shades look very muted and neutral enough for me to get away with in an office environment. They lean more to the Brown side than straight up purple. I actually think I could get away with some of the greens as well. But it's really up to you and what you feel comfortable with and what looks nice on you without being too colorful or harsh looking.
wearing green shadow for the first time in... forever.
moments before falling off my chair lol.

 I am very pleased with the palette. The top row of shadows are right up my alley. And I love how all these Shades make my blue eyes pop. It did take me some time to try out the greens but when I did I actually really liked it. The Picture above is from this morning I used "fig" "fauna" and "tree of life" it does not show up a bright on the Picture as it does in real life but I love it. Plus my skin totally looks Photo shopped, must be the new powder I am tying out, review of that later. Excuse the wet hair.



  1. amazing palette and i loved your lips :) :)

    1. Thanks, I am wearing Almay liquid lip balm in blooming balm on the lower picture. The other picture is just bare lips,

  2. You're too pretty :))! Love that makeup look and the swatches! I'm heading over to their website right now! :)

    1. Aaw thank you Louise. If you get it I hope you will like it as much as I do. Really some nice shades


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