Monday, March 24, 2014

Physicians formula nude wear blush.

I have been wanting to try Physicians formula for a loooong time, so when I did my US haul I grabbed a few things from the brand. This new nude wear blush in natural was amongst those items.

Price: $ 11,63 at walmart.
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Packaging: This was what drew me in at first. It's a soft peachy faux leather and plastic packaging. It's got a magnetic closure wich seems to be working very well. In the back of the packaging there is a compartment with a mirror and a brush. I would not recommend using the brush. I tried just for fun and it does not get any product on your face at all. You get 5 grams of product.

This blush is meant to be sheer and very natural looking so I was not expecting a lot of pigmentation. But I am very pale so sometimes sheer is what I need. And though they are sheer, they are not as sheer as I expected, they are just very subtle and light in color.

The product has a nice smooth feel to it and it is very easy to apply, and hard to mess up. It can be layered for more color. It can however get a little powdery and messy in the pan, if you swirl your brush in the powder too agressively.

I love the finish of this blush, it's not shimmery and it's not matte. It gives a very nice subtle sheen to the cheeks, without looking sparkly or metallic.

Even though it's very subtle on the skin, it manages to stay on all day. I have to say I am really impressed with the wear time on this. It's still there when I remove my makeup in the evening.

wearing the nude wear blush.

I am really glad I picked this up. It's the perfect everyday blush for me. It's not too warm and not too cool, just a lovely inbetween shade that will go with any eyelook for me. This is definately a favorite.

If you have light skin and you are looking for a subtle blush, then this is one to try. I don't think this will show up too well on medium or deeper skin tones.

Have you tried this blush? what did you think of it?


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