Monday, March 17, 2014

Stuff I'm getting rid of.

So here are some items that I am getting rid of for different reasons.

Elf super glossy lipshine, party peach: I used to really like these glosses. And I really like the shade and they are nice and moisturizing, but they are just a bit too sticky for my taste now. My plan was to use it up but it is leaking product from the side so I'm tossing it. Can't say that I would never repurchase, but not in the near future.

Efolar concealer pen: I cant even remember where I got this from, probably ebay. It's way too pink and dry for a concealer. I have used it as a browbone highlight. But I have others I like better and it's getting old. Not repurchasing.

Essence my skin mattifying cream: I used to be very oily and this controlled it nicely. It was actually a good cream. But now I am more dry so I have not used it in a bit. shelf life is 6 months so I am throwing this out because it is too old. If I ever get really oily again I would repurchase.

MUA Undressed eyeshadow palette: I actually liked this one. But after a few drops to the floor, some of the shades broke. I don't quite know why, but some of them have "hardened" a bit and I don't get great pigmentation anymore. And I already have these colors in other palettes. So I thought I would toss it as it's too nasty looking to give away. Don't think I would repurchase this.

Benefit some kind-a gorgeous, lite: This should have been tossed a long time ago. I have hated it from day 1. I have actually used quite a bit of it because I wanted to try and make it work. I remember spending a lot of money on it so I really wanted it to work for me. But it doesn't and I would never ever repurchase it.

Essence mini lip gloss trio: these I actually really like. But I have to throw them out. I used them when I had a coldsore so I don't want to infect myself again by keeping these and using them again. But I would repurchase them.

Bodynordic lip gloss: I think this have gone bad, even though I haven't had it for very long. But it smells bad so I wont put it on my lips. Not a gloss I would repurchase

Elf cream eyeshadow, dawn: Now this one I love. I have to toss this because it has dried up. But I have already repurchased it.

Elf conditioning lip balm spf 15, natural: I love this stuff. But my lips don't agree with me. It makes my lips sore and gave me blisters. Pretty strange considering this is my 3rd jar of this and it just started happening recently. But I am not taking any chances so it's going in the trash. I don't dare to repurchase this.

So that was all for this time. But I am sure there will be other posts like this in the future.



  1. I had the Benefit some kind-a gorgeous too, I hated it! It's sooo greasy, it would transfer on to my clothes all the time, such a waste of money

    1. On me it was greasy but at the same time it made my skin look dry and it accentuated dry patches I did not even think I had.

  2. I want to try MUA eyeshadow palette but every time I get

    1. lol. Too many to choose from? or are you not sure you would like it?

  3. I tried the elf balm a couple of times, it made my lips burn really badly every time!

    1. sad to hear that, but at the same time I'm glad it's not only me.


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