Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tiny ELF haul

Sorry for the bad Photo quality, I just had to do a quick post on this.

I went to my local supermarket called Bilka. And I was so excited to learn that they have now started selling ELF cosmetics. They had some of the Essentials and some of the Studio stuff. But none of the really new Things and no minreal line.

But I got 3 things that I never can seem to get my hands on online. The lip scrub, cream shadow in the color dawn and the Essentials concealer.

I did also get a liquid lipstick, but my mom tried it on and she loved it, so I gave the lipstick to her.

A Little info for the Danish readers: The Essential line is 20kr and the studio line is 40kr.

I am soo happy that I finally got to try the lip scrub. And I finally got a new cream shadow, my old one has dried out.



  1. Nice little haul! I really need to try out that lip exfoliator! My lips have been sooo dry and this is such an expensive product, it couldn't hurt right?

    1. You mean inexpensive right? I have used the lip scrub for a few days and I absolutely love it.

  2. Nice picks review them sooooooooon.....xoxoxo....:)


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