Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tiny Gosh haul

I love a good bargain and Gosh is such an affordable Danish brand. I joined their Danish beauty Club a few day ago, and as a thank you I got 2 items in the mail yesterday.
I have already raved about the lip gloss a while back, but I think they have improved the formula, it definetly seems to settle less in fine lines and is eaier to sheer out or build up. I have not tried the liner. The blue color scares me a Little. Not sure if I am going to get any use out of a blue liner. Time will tell.
But wait... There is more.
Gosh has launched a few new items that I wanted to try. So I went to my local Matas store and bought these 4 items.

Frosted sand nail polish, Lip lacquer, waterproof cream shadow pen
Eyelash Growth serum

And then I got this bag of goodies for free for purchasing 2+ Gosh items.
Free gift with purchase

I am really excited about the trio, I think  Gosh has reformulated their eyeshadow, this is more creamy and pigmented than I expected it to be. I am not sure if I will be using the nail polish, it's not really my shade. I love the lip balm, and I already have 2 other colors.
Watch out for reviews... I have a lot to say about some of these things. I am excited to try the lash serum. I will let you Guys know if it Works for me.
Disclaimer: I am not being paid for this. The items I got for free was a gift with purchase + a gift for signing up for the Gosh Club (everyone gets a gift when signing up) . So nothing was sent to me to review.


  1. the trio, lip lacquer and polishes look exceptionally stunning! Can't wait to here your thoughts on those products :)

    1. If you want the green polish I would be happy to send it to you, I dont really Wear green polish.

  2. GOSH is my favorite cosmetics brand :) I really love their eyeshadows and mascaras <3

    1. Have you tried their exeptional Wear Foundation? I really like that. But yeah GOSH makes a lot of cool products with great quality. Probably my favorite Danish brand.


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