Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Enjoying some "me" time

The weather has been amazing in Denmark the last couple of days. So yesterday I decided I was not going to clean, wash or blog. I spent my day in my garden enjoying the sun and all the birds chirping.

Last year I got this beast of a hammock. I was dealing with depression and I found it therapeutic to lay in the sun, listening to the birds and swaying gently. This year my depression is almost gone. I am still on medication but I hope to get off it sooner rather than later. But the Hammock still has the same wonderfull effect on me.

Being as pale as I am I had to load up on the SPF before heading out in the sun. These are the products that I used.

Today I am going to be a Little more productive. My place really needs a spring cleaning. But I think I can squeeze in a Little nap in the hammock. How is the weather in your part of the World?



  1. Glad you gave time to yourself dear....Take your time....Blog is not going anywhere.....lol....xoxoxo...:D

    1. Thanks Maria. It's really important to pamper yourself every now and then :) And my hammock is the ultimate luxury for me.


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