Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Essence long lasting lipstick review

I have really been enjoying the original lipsticks from Essence, so when I came across the long lasting lipsticks, I thought they deserrved a try. I got the color, natural beauty

Packaging: Your average round lipstick tube. With the Essence logo embossed at the top. The colored plastick in the middle gives you an indication of the color within, but it's not completely accurate. The packaging seems sturdy and the lid snaps on tightly to the tube. The lipstick itself also has the Essence logo imbossed onto it, wich I think looks really nice  You get 3,8 grams of product.

Price: EU 2,25 the originals are EU 1,95 a small price to pay for better quality packaging and longer wear.

Now when I think of long lasting lipsticks, I think of drier formulas that can sometimes dry out the lips. However these are very smooth and moisturizing. Compared to the original Essence lipsticks, these do last longer. But compared to other lipsticks claiming to be long lasting, these do not last as long. I would say they last about 3-4 hours, depending on your drinking and eating habits. I find this needs to be reapplied after eating.

This does not set, like some long lasting lipsticks, actually it behaves much like a regular moisturizing lipstick. It does not really have a scent to it and no taste either. I hate when you can taste the Chemicals or perfume in a lipstick. So this is great.

Color: natural beauty is a creamy pinky brown color, very close to my natural lipcolor, Just a tad darker and more rosey on my lips. It's a very pretty everyday shade for those who don't want completely concealer nude lips or too much pink on their  lips.

I love these types of muted colors at the moment. And I found that I already had something similar to this color. The Elf studio moisturizing lipstick in Wink pink is very similar to it. Although the Essence lipstick is more creamy and has a slightly shiny finish compared to wink pink.

Top: Essence natural beauty
Bottom: Elf wink pink.

All in all I really enjoy this little affordable lipstick. And I am definately going to try some more colors from the range. Are they better than the original lipsticks? yes and no, the quality has definately improved, but I do enjoy the scent and the color range of the originals as well.


  1. The color is very pretty and it's more on the natural side...I also love creamy and smooth lippies...I hate matte ones.....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Exactly. I love natural creamy lippies. Not a big fan of mattes, only if they are still hydrating. I like the matte look, but my lips don't always feel comfortable with mattes.


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