Saturday, April 12, 2014

Essence match 2 cover, cream concealer review

I have had this since last summer. So I thought it was about time that I got around to reviewing it. The color is 10 natural beige

Price: € 2,45 on

Packaging: Nice little container, easy to throw in your makeup bag. I actually like how this little thing looks. You get 2,3 grams of product divided between 2 cream concealers.

Something that surprised me was the creaminess of these concealers. I normally expect these kind of concealer pots to be a little waxy or dry, but these are really nice and creamy.

You get 2 shades, 1 light and one darker. When I am pale I only use the light shade, and in the summer I will mix them up. I also use a bit of the darker shade mixed in with the light, under my eyes as this covers my dark circles the best.

This is not a full coverage product but it can be build up. I would say a good medium coverage.

This is bit heavier than my liquid concealers but it does look nice on the eye area as long as I lightly set it with a bit of powder. It does crease on me if not set, probably because of the creaminess. it also lasts much longer and Wears nicer throughout the day once set. I never touch up during the day, only a little bit of oil control. And I don't feel that this needs to be touched up.

I would not use it on pimples, because of the heaviness. I use it under the eyes and around the nose. It gives me the coverage I need and does not look cakey or too obvious. However this does not look as nice when my under eye area is very dry. Another way I have been using this, is as a primer. It actually Works nicely as an eyeshadow primer, so I know I will get good use out of it. The dark shade can also be used as a light contour.

All in all it is really quite an amazing find for the price. It's not my ultimate favorite, but I wasn't expecting this kind off quality from such an affordable cream concealer. Having for almost a year now, I can say that it has not dried out at all yet. It's still very very creamy.

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