Monday, April 7, 2014

Maybelline color tatoo review

Hey Guys. I have been talking about this little beauty for a while now, so I thought it was time for a review. The shade I have is 70 Barely branded from the Metal line.

Price: $5,99 available at most drugstores.

Packaging: Sturdy glass jar with plastic lid. I have to admit that when I first got it, I felt a little cheated. All the product can fit in the part the lid covers. From the lid and down, it's just glass packaging. You get 4 grams of product.

I use this all the time under my eyeshadow. It makes the shadow last all day and it intensifies the eyeshadows. The metallic/satiny finish of this does show through when wearing matte eyeshadow, so I would like to get my hands on a matte color tattoo for matte looks.

The cream shadow glides on smoothly and evenly. No patchy eyelids, wich is something I struggle with, with a lot of other cream shadows. This will stay on nicely on it's own but I would not wear this particular color on it's own unless I am going for a super neutral no makeup look as it matches my skintone.

70 Barely branded is a light champagne leaning more on golden than pink. I don't find it to be too metallic, more like a satin to me. There are no bits of glitter in it. It has great pigmentation to it. Not sheer but not unnaturally opaque either.

I really love this color tattoo. It does everything I look for in a cream shadow. It sets, it does not crack or crumble, it makes eyeshadow pop and last longer. I don't need to use a primer when wearing this.

I definately want to get my hands on more colors so I can do a complete eye look with just these shadows.

These are luckily for me, available in Denmark but they cost almost double of what they cost in the US. But so does all the other drugstore makeup.

I highly recommend these, and I will be getting more.

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  1. I love these...I am looking forward to get bold gold shades....Nice post dear.....xoxoxo......^_^


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