Saturday, April 12, 2014

Palette of the week

Sorry for the delay in this post, but better late than never. This week I have been using the NYX love in Paris palette called "Be our guest Maurice"

Price: About $ 10 at

Packaging: Nice sleek plastic palette, with a cute bow detail closure. It seems very sturdy and it looks nice. But it can be a bit hard to open. There is no mirror. you get 7,2 grams of product divided between 9 shadows.

On the go: It's easy to throw in the bag and take with you, however you will need to take a mirror with you, as there is no mirror in this palette. When it comes to creating quick looks, stay with the one shadow look with this palette. The pigmentation is poor and some shadows hardly show up so creating anything besides a one shadow look will be too time consuming on those busy mornings.

Evening out: No way would I use this for a party look. These shadows simply are not nice enough to pull off any kind of polished look. Even with good primers and bases these shadows won't show up too well.

Variation: Well... if the shadows were of a better quality and pigmentation I would say the shade variation was nice. But these are all lacklustre. The only reasonably nice shade is the pale purple (nr 2 in the top row) I do appreciate that there is a white and a black.

Staying power: Staying power is ok, the looks I did, lasted all day with a primer, but some shades did fade a Little faster than others.
Work appropriate: I would say yes and no. Mostly because I have not been satisfied with any look that I did with this palette. Maybe the last 3 shadows would be the most office friendly. But really dissapointed in the quality of these so I would rather skip eyeshadow than Wear these at the office.

As you can probably tell, I did not enjoy using this palette. I think I chose the wrong one from the line, as I have heard great reviews of some of the other color choices. But this particular palette was definately not worth it. I think I got to Tuesday before I felt like throwing this in the trash. I did however keep using this for the whole week. But I am not impressed and primers seemed to do little to help these shadows. I will not be using this palette Again, but I am still open to trying some of the others that got great reviews.


  1. Very honest review......the shades are not at all pigmented.....xoxoxo.....^_^

  2. Thanks. I feel it is very important to be completely honest when it comes to blogging


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