Monday, April 14, 2014

Physicians formula, Glow & mood boosting 2-in-1 bronzer & blush review

Yet another product from my US Drugstore haul that needed to be reviewed. I could not decide on getting the happy booster blush, or the bronzer. So I got this 2 in 1 instead.

Price: $12,67 at walmart

Packaging: It's really cute. Metallic hot pink plastic packaging. It has a compartment underneath the product itself, that contains a blush and a nice little mirror. It's quite easy to open and close, and it feels nice and sturdy. You get a good amount of product, 11 grams.

This product claims to bee mood boosting with it's ingredients and it's scent. It does have a tiny hint of a scent. Nothing too noticable and it does not transfer to the face. So does this product make me happier? naaah not really, and here is why:

Now this product was a partial fail for me. The Bronzer side is sooo tightly pressed that no powder can be picked up by my fingers, or my brushes. The only way can get any bronzer on my face, is by first using the brush you get with it, to scratch at the bronzer. That way some product comes Loose and I can then pick it up with my regular brushes. Not ideal at all

See how I had to scratch at this powder to come Loose? It literally binds together in the pan.

The blush side however, is really nice. They seems to be a complletely different formulation. They are soft and smooth and easy to pick up with my brush. I love the blush colors and they look really nice on the skin. So the blush part is a hughe win for me

swatches, the bronzer could only be swatched after scratching at the product with the brush,
otherwise there would have been nothing to show. The blushes however are nice..

I will still continue to use the bronzer shade the way I described above, as it is a really nice subtle bronzer for pale skin. But I would not repuchase this and some day soon I will probably get tired of the extra work I need to do to get the bronzer on my face, and just use the blush part.

So I would not recommend this at all. The product is just not worth it. I should have gotten just the blush instead. I have never tried a bronzer or a face powder for that matter that was soo tightly pressed that it litterally seemed like stone. So not pleased with this at all.

Have you tried this one? was yours the same way?


  1. The blushes are really nice and pretty too.....Nice review....xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Wich one do you have? Might have to give The blushes a try.


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