Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Physicians formula Nude wear, glowing nude powder review

To my fellow bloggers, do you ever feel that some products are harder to write about than others? even though you love the products? Well this review has been in the making for a long time. I knew what my thoughts were on the product but found myself having a hard time putting it down in words. I will give it a try anyways.

I got the color medium, because the light one was out of stock. And decided that I was just going to use the top part for winter and the top and bottom swirled together for summer. And luckily that seems to work just fine.

Price: I payed about $13 at Walmart.

Packaging: A bit bigger than the nude Wear blushes, but otherwise same peachy faux leather with a pretty pink bow on it. It has a nice magnetic closure that seems strong enough. There is a compartment in the back wich contains a nice mirror and a brush. The brush seems soft enough to the touch but scratchy on the face. You get 7 grams of product.

The powder is divided into 4 Shades all in the medium to light range, they are big enough for me to focus on 1 to 2 particular shades with my brush. I find the 2 lightest shades to work perfectly on my pale skin. The 2 darker shades will be usefull in the sommer and I also sometimes use them as a light bronzer to warm up my skin. So I am actually glad I chose medium instead of light, as this turned out to be a great multi tasker.

The texture of the powder is hard to describe. It's very soft and finely milled, yet it feels dense and creamy. It's not dry and powdery so it wont fly everywhere yet it's still a powder.

I normally go for mattifying powders so this is a whole new worl for me. This gives the nicest glow to the skin. Looking at the powder it looks to be somewhat matte. No glitter or shimmer. But upon swatcing it I saw a very subtle glow to the product. This has just enough glow to show up but still subtle enough to use all over the face. I mostly use it all over my face, but on oilier days I will use it on select areas, along with another powder.

Despite the pretty glowing look it gives my skin, I do not find myself looking oilier at the end of the day than with any of my matte powders. I have big pores and I do not find this powder to accentuate them. It actually kinda blurrs out my imperfections like Photoshop in a powder :)

I am absolutely loving the finish it gives my skin, and I have gotten compliments on my skin when wearing it. To me it's definately a new found love. I definately need to get a backup of this next time I do a US haul.


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