Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Products I regret buying

We all do it sometimes. Spend Money on something just to discover that the product is not living up to our expectations. Now these are not the most expensive products I have to show you, but I still regret getting them as I could have picked up something else instead of these.

Elf jubo lip gloss stick:
I regret getting this because of the gritty glitter in it. It feels gritty on the lips and it just looks wrong on me. Also the scent is strange, it smells just like the product I use to clean my toilet with. Not a pleasant thing to associate it with. I really thought I would love this one. And I think I should have picked another color. But since my dissapointment with this one, I have not wanted to try another color.

Elf Jumbo eyeshadow stick:
I love eyeshadow Sticks, and I would have loved this one as well if it did not contain glitter. It has some strange gritty glitter mixed into the stick, wich just looks strange on my eyes.

Elf flawless eyeshadow in party purple:
Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with these shadows. It's just the colors. I love purples and I find purple to be the most wearable color for me. But somehow this combination does not do it for me. I really like the "liner" shade but the others... not so much. So my regret here is that I did not choose another color variation of this palette.

I know this is all Elf items, I really do love Elf. I have a looot of Elf makeup, probably the brand that takes up most space in my collection. But sometimes I come across something that I do not like, and ofcourse that is more likely to happen with a brand that I have so much stuff from.

I would love to hear from you guys, if you have tried any of these products (maybe in different shades) and if you like them or not. I am not trying to bash these products, they simply did not work for me because of gritty glitter and my own stupid (not researching enough before buying) shopping habits.


  1. This is so true....even for me some products don't work......xoxoxo....^_^

  2. I really hate it when some of the products don't work for me. Nice post.....xoxoxo....:)

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    1. Thank you Nora. Your blog looks Great :)

  3. Ticky Torches and French Lace?
    I bought the latter - a totally unusable crayon, will give to my baby when he's big enough and interested in drawing :S
    I could not get French Lace on my lids, tugged so bad.

    1. Yeah not the best eye crayon, I threw mine out because of the gritty glitter. Going to try their smudge pots instead.


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