Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project pan update 2

 Hey guys and gals. I have used up another product in my project pan. Yaaay. I used up my essence lipstick. There was not a lot left to begin with, so it was not that hard to use it up. So that's 2 products down, 10 products to go.

I really love this lipstick, the color is "in the nude" it is one of my favorite nudes, and I already have a backup of it. And it's a lipstick I will continue to repurchase.

This project is going to take forever, I do see some Progress with the BB cream and the body butter, but the rest of the products are going to take some time to finish up.


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  1. Lovely post.....I enjoy reading these updates......will wait for the next one as these help to decide which one to go for and which one to leave....xoxoxo....^_^


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