Monday, May 5, 2014

April favorites

As you probably know by now, there will be no palette of the week post for last week. I have honestly not really been wearing any makeup. I have been busy thinking about some big Things to come in the future. And hopefully and can share those with you soon enough.

Well.. on to my april favorites.

Nivea dry comfort: Has been the only thing that could keep me fresh and dry this month. I normally don't have problems with staying fresh. But I have really needed this lately.

Lip smacker, berry buttercream: This just smells amazing and it does Wonders for my lips.

Maybelline color whisper, lust for blush: I am in love with the color of This Little thing.

Castledew eye pallette: I love the packaging and I really like the eyeshadows as well. They are so creamy and pretty.

Jordana lip dazzle, berry: This is a rediscovered favorite. I just love the color of it, not a big fan of the glittery side though. And it feels really good on the lips.

Dior, miss Dior perfume: This is a gift from my boyfriend and it reminds me of him every time I put it on. I always Wear it when I visit him. It smells amazing, It's fastly becoming my signature scent. Before that I used to Wear Moschino funny, but it's not sold anywhere in Denmark anymore.

So that's my favorites for april. What is your favorites at the moment?

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