Saturday, May 10, 2014

Essence beach cruisers first impression

I recently got this in my mail. I did not pick up the Whole Beach cruisers range. I think the bronzer is too dark for me and the other Things did not really speak to me as something I really needed. So I picked up these items from the Collection.

I picked up the lip gloss in the shade  i ♥ summer break. I have to admit I got this just because of the way it looks in the tube. The gloss does not have any scent to it. I think I was expecting a tropical scent of sorts, but for most people it's probably a plus that it has no scent. I do find it to be very sheer and very sticky. I don't think I would recommend it unless you just want a sheer sticky gloss with no scent that looks pretty in the tube.

 I had to get the blush, it reminds me of the multi toned blushes from their regular line. This is a peachy, coral and reddish coral combination. It's not completely matte but close. It's not very opaque but the color shows up nicely and I think the sheerness of it gives you a lovely flush that looks very natural and stain like. It does have a strange scent to it. It smells like playdough, but the scent is not noticeable one your face. I do like this Little blush and I like the gradient look. I would recommend it.

 I also got this waterproof liquid liner in the color  sun, fun & copper. I have already worn this and it looks absolutely amazing on my eyes. I love the color. I do think the brush applicator is a little flimsy but it wasn't too hard to make a nice winged eye. It claims to be waterproof, I would have to disagree. I ran my hand under some Water and it smeared and smudged. So not waterproof, but still very pretty. If you want a lovely copper or teal liner for cheap, then I would recommend these, but they are not waterproof.

This is the waterproof top coat mascara. It actually Works really nicely with the regular mascaras I have tried it with. Just make sure to coat your lashes well. It did not make my lashes look clumpy or spidery at all and it did make my mascara waterproof. So this is a genious little product. I don't particularly like waterproof mascara, something about the formula just irks me. But this way I can use my favorite mascara and then just apply this and it does not change the look of my lashes.
I definately recommend it.

I had to try the bodyspray. I thought it would be something tropical or fruity and summery. But it's actually quite a strange scent. My boyfriend agrees with me, that it smells like a unisex product. It's too masculine for me and too feminine for him. It does smell nice but it's not a scent that I would Wear. I feel like I have hugged a man and his perfume has rubbed on to me and mixed with mine. Not something I want to smell like hehe. So not a bad scent but not my kind of scent.

That's all I bought from the Beach cruisers line. I have to admit that I found this line to be a little more cheaply made than some of the other editions they have released. But I do like the eyeliner, blush and mascara top coat but there is nothing outstanding about these products.



  1. Really like the look of that blusher and liner! Again, I'm so sad that they don't sell the LE stuff where I live :((

    1. try I'm pretty sure you can still get them there.

  2. Nice picks dear and I love the blush.....It's very pretty....xoxoxo....^_^


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