Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gosh winnings! unboxing

I finally got my big old box of winnings. from the Gosh competition I won a few weeks back.
I thought I would just share the Pictures with you. Thet did not get my order right, so some products are missing and I got some products as well that I didn't order. But we are working it out. I can't really complain. I am super happy to have won in the first place. So let's get Picture crazy.
hair treatment, 2 conditioners and one shampoo + a dry shampoo

eu de toilette and deodorant for my dad.

day creme for my mother

some shower gel

body lotions

deodorants, the roll on is for my mom

lip products

Foundation, bb cream, cc cream


BB powder, bronzer, blush

eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow stick


eye cream

That is a LOT of products. I also ordered the primer powder and a gradual self tanner, but they never arrived, and there were a mixup with the lotions and shower gels. But I can't complain. Super happy.
I have not really had a chance to try Things out yet. But I can't wait to do a full face of Gosh cosmetics tomorrow.



  1. HOLY SHIT!!! This is so cool! I'm drooling over that blush! Can't wait for all of the reviews ;)

    1. I know right? It's crazy! Cant wait to use the blush, it looks soo good.


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