Friday, June 6, 2014

I won! BIG time

I entered a facebook contest that GOSH Denmark was having. All you had to do was share your favorite makeup tips for a chance to win a years worth of GOSH products.

I won! Wow... I got to choose 3000 DKK's worth of products or about 550 USD! that's a lot of stuff!

It's too much stuff to list everything here. But I will be doing a haul post when my package arrives.

I picked a lot of cool Things, bb cream, cc cream, Foundations, powder, blush, lipsticks, lip glosses, skin care, frangrances, shower gel, body lotion, hair products, self tanner and so on.

I also got my dad a deodorant and perfume. And my mom is getting some skin care and some body lotion and deodorants.

It was quite an amazing experience to get 550USD and be told to just get whatever you want from their website. I still can't believe it.

Have you Guys ever won something? Do tell me about it.



  1. holy shit that's amazing!!!! Can't wait to hear all of your reviews!

    1. It's crazy! can't wait to get my package some time next week. I think I will scare the postman by jumping up and Down like a spoiled teenager :)


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