Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Julep Plié wand launched today.

I have been contacted by the Community Outreach Coordinator for Julep regarding the Plié wand wich launched today. I got some exclusive material to share with you about the Plié wand.

You can purchase the wand on their website

The Plié wand is a new type of brush that fits onto the Julep nail polishes. This brush is flexible and offers a better grip and therefore more control of the application. I could totally use this. I am left handed and my right hand always looks perfect when applying nail polish, but my left hand looks like a child did it. So I am definately curious about this wand.

The Picture below shows a demonstration of the wand.

click Picture to enlarge

Here you can see a demonstation of the tool.

And finally, a Little message from CEO Jane Park.


Will you be getting this Plié wand? I think it looks really cool, but the pricetag is a Little up there for me.



  1. This product seems pretty cool, never seen a product like this. I am so excited right now haha.

    1. I had nenver seen this before they contacted me, so I was pretty excited too.

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