Sunday, September 28, 2014

Follow up: ELF mineral lipsticks

 These mineral lipsticks by ELF, was the first thing I ever reviewed on my blog (here). I started out with "runway pink" and "natural nymph" and for a long time these were my favorite lipsticks.

I then ventured on to try "nicely nude", "pouty petal" and "cool coral"

When I first started out blogging, I was NOT a lipstick girl so these lipsticks were some of my first. I think I owned about 3-5 lipsticks when I got these and now I have at least 60, (I know it's crazy) These were great for me as a beginner, and I still cannot say anything bad about these lipsticks. But I have come to love a lot of other lipsticks and I think my adventure with the ELF mineral lipsticks are over.

Runway pink and natural nymph
I have changed my hair color from blonde to Black to red to Black and back to my natural hair color the past 3 years so some of the colors that suited me once, no longe suit me. That especially goes for "natural nymph" I honestly can't believe that I once was able to pull this color off, I mean it's even lighter than my skintone is at the moment. I have used quite a lot of this, but I have not used it for more than a year now ( I only tried it on today to see if I still hated it on me) And it is time that I part ways with it, for sanitary and spacial reasons.

I still like the look of runway pink but I feel like I have other similar Shades in my Collection. No matter what, I do need to get rid of this, for sanitary reasons. This is probably half way used up. So I have had some good times with this lipstick (getting sentimental here) But even though the color still suits me, I have not used this for at least six months.

nicely nude and pouty petal

"Nicely nude" and "pouty petal" are both long gone.As far as I remember, I completely used them up. I really enjoyed these lipsticks, especially the "nicely nude" I have not gotten around to repurchasing them even though I liked them. I actually consider getting "nicely nude" Again just because I remember how fond I was of it. But I am not sure I would like it as much the second time around.

cool coral (Picture from ELF's website)
 Cool coral I actually only ever swatched. It looked way to dark and rusty on my lips and it never actually got any play time. So this was totally down to me picking a bad shade for me.

I think the mineral lipstick is a closed chapter in my makeup book, however looking at these again and looking at blogposts from other bloggers, I do feel tempted to try the rich raspberry color. But I am not sure I will ever get around to it.

These were really great "beginner" lipsticks and I really did enjoy them, but I have since moved on. If ELF ever came out with some new shades I would be tempted to try those. So I can't totally swear these off forever, just for now.


  1. Nice post. I am not a big fan of ELF lipsticks :)

    1. Thanks :) I really liked them when I was first starting out. But now I have tried a lot of other nicer lipsticks.

  2. I like those mineral line lip balms - but I have to agree: neither Essential, Studio or Mineral line lipsticks are something to write home about...

    1. I actually think I like the essential and studio lipsticks better, but probably only because of the color choices.


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