Thursday, September 25, 2014

Follow-up with the Physician

I reviewed this Physicians Formula Nude Wear, glowing nude powder in the beginning of april 2014
(See review here)

And I thought it would be interesting to do a follow up series with some of the products I have reviewed in the past. This will be the first one.

I think the Picture above speaks for itself. I am still just as crazy about this powder as I was when i reviewed it. I have hit major pan, and that is very unusual for me to do. I really enjoy the finish it gives my skin. And how well it wears throughout the day.

I definately need to get a new one as soon as this one is used up. But I think I will be getting the lightest shade. As you can see I have used the lighter shade, more than the "darker" Shades, as the darker Shades can look a little orange on me if I use it all over the face, So i normmaly use the darks Shades for adding some warmth to my skin.

This has to be my favorite powder in my Collection, And I can see myself repurchasing this Again and Again.



  1. this powder is on sale at for $3

    1. Wow that's amazing. Too bad I live in Denmark :-)


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