Thursday, September 25, 2014

Gosh lip lacquer review

Today I want to talk about the lip lacquers from Gosh Cosmetics. I won 2 of these in a big Gosh contest a while back, before that I had already purchased the orange one.

Price: 69,99 DKK on or £5,99 on

Packaging: I absolutely love the look of the packaging. They look like Gosh nail polish bottles.I really think that's cute. However these are not the easiest to store or carry in your pocket. The bottles are made of glass and they come with doe foot applicators so don't worry, you wonth have to paint your lips with a nail polish brush lol. I do wonder how well this packaging actually will perform when I am on my last few drops of gloss. How will I be able to get the last bit of product out of this? Guess I will have to update you on that if I ever get there. You get 4ml or 0,1 fl. oz. of product.

These glosses comes in different finishes, Some are pure creamy color and some does contain a fine shimmer. Some are sheer and some are really pigmented. This is not a design flaw, but a consious choice from Gosh, to better suit our different taste. I suggest you go to your local Gosh counter to swatch these if you are unsure wich ones are sheer or pigmented.

I have 3 colors out of the 8 available, there are also reds, another pink and another nude:

001 innocent lips: is a sheer formula with slight shimmer. it's a lovely light Brown nude color that just tones Down my natural lip color a bit. The shimmer is not really noticible on my lips once Applied.

004 flirty lips: is a sheer formula with slight shimmer. This is a really lovely sheer orangey peachy color. It gives my lips a nice pop of color and brightens up my complexion. The shimmer is slightly more noticable in this one, but still not very shimmery.

005 crispy lips: is a pigmented creamy formula, no shimmer. This is an amazing barbie pink. Really bright an gorgeous. Not a color I would normally Wear but I love wearing this and it's just amazing on my lips.

I looooove the texture of these lacquers. I have never tried a gloss with a similar texture. It's har do describe. Thick without feeling heavy or sticky. it clings to your lips and stays in place. It feels very hydrating and smooth on the lips. I absolutely love the texture.

The staying power is great, especially with the pigmented Shades. Sometimes when I go to touch up I find that I don't need to at all, that the color is still looking good even though I could not feel the gloss as much anymore.

It does have a scent to it. some kind of fruity scent that I have smelled before in other Gosh products, but I can't really place it. The scent does not bother me, and it goes away quite fast after application.

However... these lacquers taste like perfume. I do not lick my lips, this is simply from putting them on. I do find the taste to go away, but initially that was a bit of a no go. I love these too much to let the taste bother me, but I know that the taste might be a big problem for some, so keep that in mind.

overall I really like these glosses. The packaging might be more pretty than practical, the texture is amazing, the staying power is great. The only real minus is the taste. I would love to see Gosh make more glosses with this texure, maybe in regular gloss packaging.

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