Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My lip balm collection

I am a lip junkie, and I have tonnes of lip products. Today I am going to share my lip balms with you. I do have a few of those lip balms that's almost a lipstick. I am not showing these here, I chose to only show you the balms that I would actually use as a balm. I don't care if it says "balm" on the packaging, if you perform like a lipstick, then you're a lipstick. hehe
The great!
These are my favorites in my Collection. I base this mostly on how hydrating they are. A Little of it also has to do with scent and appearance on the lips. I really love Essene lip balms, they smell great and I love the texture and they always come out with nre ones. Almay liquid balm is really pretty on the lips and sooo moisturizing but I am not a fan of the scent, but it's still a favorite. I don't know what it is about these lipsmackers, the just seem to be way more hydrating than other lipsmackers I've tried, they smell really nice and the packaging is so cute. 
The good
These are good, but not great. The ELF tinted balm is nice and moisturizing but the sweet taste is just too sweet. I still compare it to my Studio conditioning lip balm, and it's just not as good as that one. I love the Gosh soft'n shine lip balms, I have 3 in all but the 2 others that I have are so pigmented I Wear them as lipstick. The scent is a rich Vanilla, sooo yummy, but not as hydrating as some balms. The cherryculture balm is actually nice, if you can stand all the sweet scents, this one has been in my purse forever, and has gotten a Little yucky so it's time to throw it out. I don't find the Baby lips to be that hydrating but I love the subtle color and the scent a lot.

The OK
Now these are just allright, but they all have one or more qualities to them that I wish I could change. The ice cream lip balm is nice and hydrating, but the application is annoying and the texture of it is strange. The Sephora Unique pink balm is a Little greasy and I am not super into colour changing balms. The baby lips electro smells really good, it's just a little slippery on the lips. The Dr. rescue baby lips is my favorite color but I am not that into the menthol scent.

The bad
I do not get along with these balms at all. The LA girl balms are way too slippery and not very hydrating. I did use to like these when my lips where less dry and I just wanted a fun pop of color. But I am not too crazy about these anymore. The mineral Water lip balm smells soooooo good. I almost want to eat it. But it has no hydrating qualities what so ever. it just sits on the lips like a strange sticky film and it tastes soooo bad.
That was it for my lip balm collection. I am sure I have some more lip balms laying around in different purses or somewhere completely random. But these where the ones I could find. Do you have any of these? what do you think of them?



  1. Lovely collection but you definitely still need some carmex in there. My favourite ;)

    1. Thanks.. hehe I actually have used Carmex lip balm quite a bit in the past. Thanks for reminding me how much I like it... Like I need any more lip balm hehe... One more couldnt hurt :)


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