Saturday, October 25, 2014

5 favorite fall lippies.

I have been digging through my makeup collection lately and found some lippies that I really have been enjoying a lot this past month. I am sure I will continue to enjoy these lippes throughout this season.
I know burgundy and vampy Shades are all the rage this fall. But if you are someone like me, who is not always that daring or maybe you don't feel comfortable with super dark lipsticks. Then these may be worth a try. I am really pale so sometimes I feel like the super vampy Shades can really look harsh on me. I do enjoy them sometimes but these lippies in this post are my go-to shades for fall.
I feel like I chose a nice variety of finishes and colors, there is a stain, a gloss, a sheer balmy lipstick, a creamy opaque lipstick and a semi sheer shiny lipstick. A Little bit of everything. Also some of these can be used on top of other lippies to give extra dimension.

Rimmel color rush balm: drive me nude. Gosh velvet touch: romantic. Gosh soft'n shine: Antique gold,
L'oreal color sensational: Galactic mauve. L'oreal Extraordinaire: purple prelude.

Rimmel Color rush balm, Drive me nude:
This initially looks like a lovely nude Brown, but as the stain starts to take effect you will see a warmer reddish Brown. Still on the neutral/nude side of things but not your typical light beige nude.

Gosh velvet touch, romantic:
A medium reddish Brown with the most subtle and sophisticated Pearl shine to it. It's not frosty or metallic just a lovely very subtle pearly finish, almost looks creamy with a hint of glossiness. And it feels so creamy and hydrating on the lips.

Gosh soft'n shine balm:
This is a tinted balm with the loveliest pale bronzey/golden sheen to it. This looks good on it's own but it looks amazing on top of darker lipsticks to add dimension and golden sheen. This also looks amazing on top of a stain, to add shine and dimension. I paired it with a purple stain the other day and it looked awesome.

L'oreal color sensational, galactic mauve:
This is just an awesome color a sheer medium mauve/purple with the prettiest golden sheen. Such a unique color. I love this. It's super wearble for me.

L'oreal extraordinaire, purple prelude:
I love the dusky purple color and the texture of this gloss. It's lovely on it's own or on top of another lipstick to add a little something extra.

Drive me nude, romantic, antique gold, galactic mauve, purple prelude

Would you wear any of these for fall? What are your favorite colors at the moment?


  1. Ooh I love all 5 shades, especially the purple prelude - what a pretty shade xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks. I'm really getting into these type of colors lately. Love them. Yeah that purple prelude is a Winner. :)


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