Saturday, October 18, 2014


It has been a very very long time since I did an empties post, but I don't go through products all that fast. I thought it was about time I did an empties post, so here it is.
Essence 2 in 1 hand & nail balm: I really liked this one. I like Essence hand balms in general, but this has to be the best I have tried yet. It's not greasy, yet it does add a lot of moisture and has helped me quite a bit with some issues I've been having. My hands can't really handle Water. Doesn't matter if it's doing the dishes or taking a shower, my hands will be ruined afterwards, and this has helped a lot with that. I will be repurchasing this.
Soap and Glory, Hand food: This was just OK for me, the scent was lovely, but it's one of those scents that can give me a migraine if used too much. So it has taken me over 2 years to use this up... yeah I know, I could have just tossed it, but I'm not good at waisting product. So I will not be repurchasing this.
Coolcos, scrub/peel wipes: these were just ok. The closure was soo hard to open, so I actually broke it when trying to get it open. The wipes were ok but nothing special. I won't repurchase.
Batiste dry shampoo, oriental: There has been a lot of hype over these dry shampoos, and honestly I don't really get it. It's not a bad product at all but I have tried better dry shampoos, like the one from got2be. I got these online from Boots and although they were affordable, it is not something that I absolutely must repurchase right away. I am currently using my Gosh dry shampoo, and it works just the same. If this was available in Denmark for as cheap as it is in other countries, then I may repurchase. But it's not.

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