Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So I have been a good girl lately and made an effort to use up some products. Some of these products are in my project pan but I thought I would include them here as well.
MD formulations, daily peel pads: These were crazy expensive, and the lady at the spa I bought them in, told me to use one every other day. So I did. I have not seen any difference in my skin at all. It has not helped me with my clogged pores at all. It honestly felt like a fancy toner that did nothing. So I will not repurchase these.
Oriflame eco beauty, smoothing day cream: This was actually really nice. I don't think it really smoothed anything out. But I loved the texture of it and it did not leave me oily. Just a really nice every day face cream. I would repurchase this.
Lip smacker, strawberry sprinkle: I love this, it's from the cupcake Collection and I still have all the other ones from the Collection. These are just really creamy and lovely on the lips. And Once the set is gone I will have to see if I can get it Again somewhere. Love them.
Yves Rocher, Nutritive vegetal, velvety toner: Now this is great if you have really dry skin. It's a very nourishing toner. But I like my toners to be a bit less rich. It did actually do a great job at removing what Little dirt and makeup, my makeup remover had failed to remove. And it does feel really good on the skin. But I have oily skin right now, so it's just not right for my skin type. I would repurchase if my skin ever got really dry Again.
Yves Rocher, after sun face cream: This product is kinda special. You can use it as a face cream after you have been out in the sun or you can layer it on like a treatment. I have used it mostly as a treatment. It really adds moisture back into the skin and is great as a moisture mask. I don't really like to use it as a cream, but I have done it and it Works allright. I would repurchase this next summer.
Yves Rocher complete anti aging care, eye cream: I don't know about this eye cream. It's nice enough, but as far as I remember it's also expensive. So I'm not sure I like it enough to repurchase. Although I did notice a slight bit of tightening og the skin on my lids, or at least I think I did. May repurchase in a few years, when I need it more. right now I'm all about preventing instead of treating.


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